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Logo 2020

Dinh Van Fx is specialized in fx make-up and characters designer for film and advertising.

We offer a multitude of services for your various audio-visual projects:

> Character designer

We designed creatures, makeup, production’s llustrations. We provide illustrations, original, designed with realism as compared to budgets and time needed to pre-production. For we know the problems associated with make-up, this allows us to design effective make-up, according to different techniques.

> Special Effects Makeup with prosthetics

 We created makeup from simple, scars, cuts, to the most advanced multi-pieces prosthetics combining the most modern techniques of market polyaddition silicone, silicone gel transfer. We care about the realism and the application of the make-up ll be the shortest.

> Dental prostheses for film

 Dentures add more strength to your characters, vampires werewolves, zombies, or just to change the morphology of the teeth and gives a very different look, these are the few that we could do. They are made on personal cast to make a better occlusion of the mouth and depending on the design of it. They are made of materials dentistry.

> Dummies / replica

 Whether it is a lifecast or not, we realize replicas of the head, limbs, organs or whole bodies for purposes of your projects .. They also benefited from different techniques according to the plans required, time and budget. We care to make it a reality for all our effects, whether by the texture, weight, and transparency of these ..

> Accessories

 We enter a range of accessories as diverse as your imagination and needs of your project we create fake weapons for the stunt. Or the creation of complete armor, or any objects that require artistic design and a design adapted to film, whether to change the weight or stiffness. We can do for you, for example, fake bottles, fake glasses, metal objects that appear, but soft and light.


With our international experience, we can make any projects, simple or complex. We work almost anywhere in the world.

For more informations or send us your projects, please contact us.

Lionel Lê
Dinh Van Fx